Monday, 19 December 2016

Keyboard anomalies

An early start this morning, to attend the funeral at Thornhill Crematorium of the husband of a former colleague of Clare's. The Fountain Community choir had been asked to sing a couple of choral items. As it was rush hour we left early, forgetting that there's less of a rush now school terms are over, so we arrived half an hour before most people. 

The priest officiating was Canon Peter Collins of St David's Cathedral, an ex-colleague from my time at St John's, as the deceased was a Catholic. The Briwnant Chapel was filled to overflowing, as more people turned out than anticipated. It's not often that I attend funerals at which I'm not officiating, and get to see other clerics at work. It gives me cause to reflect on my ministry to the bereaved.

My right knee is still giving me trouble, although the treatment I had last week has made a difference, but Kay warned me that full recovery would take time and could still be painful. Stitting still for any period of time stiffens the knee considerably, and the only remedy is to get out and walk slowly and carefully until the muscles warm up and the stiffness subsides. So, after lunch, I walked for over an hour around Llandaff Fields, and then down to the phone shop on Cowbridge Road to buy a cover for my new Samsung J3, which I'm very pleased with. Its very slimness led me to feel that it could be vulnerable if dropped, and needed a protective case.

In the evening, with nothing of interest on telly, yet again, I switched on my new Acer E3-112 as it still needed a few configuration tweaks. When you sign in on a new computer with a MS OneDrive i/d, it configures some of the Windows 10 settings according to the last collection of settings backed up to the Cloud. This presumes identical machine setups are in use, and in my case this is not so. 

The last Windows device I set up for myself was my HP mini desktop, using an Swiss keyboard, useful for writing letters in French or German. These settings were shared with the new laptop, giving me the option of a Swiss keyboard by default, or an English keyboard option. Once I'd figured out what was going on, it was easy to change the specific setting. I've come across this before, as I've been in other situations where sharing of computer settings doesn't quite work first time due to differences in keyboard settings. I wonder why this anomaly hasn't been noticed and remedied before.

By the time I'd finished sorting this out, a succession of automatic updates was under way, including the big Anniversary Update from last summer. It took a couple of hours. My computer bargain was a shop demonstrator model which hadn't been attached to the internet since it was set up, so it hadn't ever been updated. So it's often a long wait until you have a properly functioning machine. That's the price to be paid for bargain purchases.

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