Friday, 30 December 2016

New Year Honour

Another quiet day, pottering around, nothing special to do, apart from printing off my Sunday sermon and hunting down some photos I'd taken of an orchid given to Clare last year, which flowered again for the best part of six months this year also, and has only recently dropped its last dried blossom. Nothing showed on either of my Picasa photos albums, so I'd not bothered to upload them at the time. So I had to sift through my collection of SD cards, used but not re-cycled. Well, storage is so cheap nowadays, it means I can always revert to the originals, even if the majority are somewhere in the Cloud. It paid off, in this case, although it did take me a while, as I have SD cards used by four different cameras over the past four years alone, and none of them indicate the one used, until now. It's a way a whiling away the time when there's nothing better to do.

Just before sunset I went for my usual 5km walk to Blackweir Bridge around a section of Pontcanna fields. My injured knee seems almost back to normal now, and I maintained a brisk pace, covering the course in 45 minutes. The knee didn't swell afterwards, and the pain was minimal compared to the way it was in the first week of recovery when I walked this route before Christmas.

I cooked sausages for supper, veggie ones for Clare and high quality pork ones for me, also a spicy sauce we could share, and some veggies. We sat and watched an episode of Inspector George Gently afterwards, which had xenophobia and racism as its theme, set against the context of Enoch Powell's infamous 'rivers of blood' speech. The world we live in is much more ethically and culturally diverse these days, yet the same intolerance prevails, the same desire to roll the clock back to some fantasy era of pure Englishness. Britain is much wealthier than in the sixties, yet the same wide gulf between rich and poor and the same struggle to grow confidence economically in changing times exists now as it did then. Much change in some ways, while in other ways, no change at all.

In this evening's news, Wales's finest international opera star Bryn Terfel receives a knighthood in the Queen's New Year Honours list. It's justly deserved. His musical life and work is an inspiration and an encouragement to so many people, far and wide.

Ardderchog a Llongyfarchiadau Syr Bryn!

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