Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The feasting continues

The three of us drove to Kenilworth on Boxing Day, to spend a couple of days together with Kath, Anto and Rhiannon. Another day of feasting ensured, this time sharing a whole salmon, some good wines and cheeses, not to mention exuberant conversation. We didn't manage to get out for a family walk, as we ate a late lunch, though Kath and I took a brisk walk to Sainsbury's before it closed early, so see if it was possible to purchase a micro SD card. Rhiannon received a small Sony videocam as a present, but the product isn't sold with a memory card, so nothing can be recorded without it. Keen to build her enthusiasm and familiarity with the device, I suggest we go and hunt for one, even though almost all shops were shut, The relevant shelf was empty, but on another discount clearance shelf we found a handful of 64GB high speed cards at half price, making our brisk walk in chill evening air worthwhile. After much eating and drinking, we were all in bed by midnight.

Today, a late rising holiday breakfast day, then a brisk lunchtime stroll across Abbey Fields to Kenilworth Castle and over fields beyond to the north-west, busy with holiday-time walkers. The lake is still partly frozen, with hundreds of gulls standing on the ice. Most of the Mallards and Moorhens were in the open water at the east end, where they tend to congregate to be fed by humans, throughout the year. I got a few good shots of a Heron, plus one of a Moorhen roosting on the bare branch of a tree overhanging the water, something I've not seen before. I got a couple of good photos of a large bird of prey, which had been feeding on the ground and then perched on a fence. I couldn't put a name to it. That needs investigation with a birdie book at home.

On the return trip we stopped at a tea room near the castle for a drink and a snack. Before leaving, a joint of lamb had been committed to the over for a six hour slow roast at low cooking temperature, and this was consumed by the men at supper, along with more excellent wines and cheeses. After this, we watched the video movie 'Elf', which we watched together last year at Christmas, a favourite family Christmas movie.

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