Thursday, 2 March 2017

A question of sport

A Eucharist followed by a funeral at St John's this morning, with a trip to St Catherine's first to collect the baptismal register to deliver to someone at St John's en route. Despite testing a copied CD at the house of the bereaved last week, it didn't play on the church's CD player, for what reason I don;t know, although it does suggest that the device is showing its age, as more modern equipment is able to read different formats, although copied CDs will still occasionally fail to play on more sophisticated equipment due to the digital rights management equivalent of watermarking. It's frustrating, and as with other aspects of the new technologies there's no simple comprehensive solution to cover all possibilities.

The service concluded with burial at Thornhill. It was bright and sunny, albeit with a chill wind. This motivated me to get out of the house for an afternoon walk along the Taff, armed with a plastic shopping bag to collect litter I noticed. Just walking from the house to the park, I collected a dozen pieces of litter and another fourteen pieces around the Fields. Some pieces from their condition are recently dropped, including a milk bottle containing fresh dregs. Others are dirty and battered, indicating that they'd been there and ignored for a long time. 

The SWALEC stadium has a strip of managed garden along its perimeter road. From there, I fished several bottles and a couple of plastic beer 'glasses', issued by pubs only on big match days when public drinking occurs on a scale that encourages neglect of the environment and lack of civic pride. 

Sports celebrities have engaged with commitment in campaigning to keep racism out of sport, it would be marvellous is some could take up campaigning to keep litter dumping out of our streets. Not only on match days, but every day, everywhere.

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