Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Midweek meditation

The sun lit up the interior of St German's beautifully during the 'class Mass' this morning. The class in church today seemed to have quite a few children unresponsive and in a bad mood. I had to work quite hard to get them smiling singing and moving about. 

No sooner had the class left after the service, than another class of younger children arrived to look around the church with their teacher and support staff. At the same time, a couple arrived for a preparation session for the christening of their year old son on Sunday after Mass. 

With a midday deadline to be home for the Ignatian Prayer Group, I had just enough time, after meeting them, to install another network plug and attach to an office desktop machine donated to the church. Thankfully it worked, but the Windows 10 PC hadn't been used for ten months. Many  updates are needed and now it's connected to the internet, it'll have to be left to complete those before it's of any use, as updating 

There were seven of us for the Ignatian Group. It was a welcome respite after a busy morning. I spent the afternoon writing a eulogy from the notes I took yesterday to deliver on behalf of the family at next Monday's funeral. Before cooking supper, I walked to Chapter Arts to collect the week's organic veggie bag. I picked up a dozen pieces of litter en route. The litter bin next to the Romilly Road bus stop is in a convenient place to deposit my haul, being near home. I wonder if the guys who empty that bin notice it's been more full than usual lately?

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