Friday, 31 March 2017

Updated at last

I returned to St German's to celebrate the usual midday Lent Mass and for the Lent Lunch which followed. On inspecting the office PC I found, much to my delight, that finally ten months worth of Windows 10 updates had finished installing, and the machine was completely up to date. Altogether this took sixteen days to complete, not only due to the limitations of the network connection, but also because I had to find out by trial and error how to ensure the machine remained 'always on', and not powering down or going into sleep mode as it waited to complete downloads. This wouldn't have been necessary if the connection had functioned at a normal speed. 

If I'd moved the PC closer to the main router on the ring main circuit, in the office next to the router, or if I'd taken it home to update, updating wouldn't have taken so long. I simply didn't have time to do the machine minding that either solution required. It was a matter of letting it run slowly and checking on it each time I went to church. Now it's up to date, the machine will be able to send and receive emails, and allow slow surfing, and that's enough for the moment, until I can figure out a faster connection between back and front offices. So far so good!

Yesterday and today, I didn't pick up much litter, just half a dozen items as I didn't go out for my usual long walk when I returned home, but worked on my Sunday sermon, and slept for a while. Last night I went to bed late, slept badly and woke up feeling groggy as a result, and this feeling took most of the day to shake off. One way or another I need eight hours a night when I'm as busy as I have been this past few months. It's a symptom of getting old!

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