Friday, 10 March 2017

Night away

Another call came in about officiating at yet another funeral overnight. I've been quite busy since the start of the year, plugging gaps in the Parish caused by Fr Mark being on sick leave. While I was updating my records, Clare asked me to help her check over a flight booking with her. She and Kath are going to fly to Arizona in October to visit Rachel and Jasmine.

I returned to St German's at the end of the morning to celebrate Mass, but instead of staying for the Christian Aid Lent lunch following, drove up to Kenilworth to be sure of arriving before Rhiannon returned from school. It was my turn to look after her overnight, as Kath and Anto were driving to a Sonrisa band gig over in the Welsh borderland and wouldn't return until well after midnight. 

I cooked supper for us, and was then left mostly to my own devices, as she's now at that stage when she likes to spend a lot of time in her room communicating with her friends. It'll be another year or so before she and her parents consider she's confident enough to be left on her own. Meanwhile I get to spend a little extra time with her occasionally. It's lovely to watch her growing and enjoying being a teenager.

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