Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Getting ready for the return home

I celebrated the Eucharist for seven people this morning, and then took my leave of people and went back to pack up, clean the house and clear the office computer of all my personal data. This was less easy than I imagined, as the machine was set up using Windows Vista in Spanish. Figuring out exactly how to get rid of all the bookmarks and browsing history would have been easier with an English machine with the Chrome browser as a crib sheet. If there is a Big Red Button to get rid of everything in one fell swoop, I didn't find it.

Peter and Linda came around for lunch, and we had a valuable chat, that will help ensure continuity when my replacement arrives this Friday. With most of the household jobs done, we sat in the front porch and supped on leftovers by the light of the setting sun, enjoying the changing colours of the Sierra de Mijas. A fitting way to conclude our stay as first occupants of the new chaplaincy house. 

Whether we return for another tour of locum duty in the autumn will depend entirely upon the outcome of the appointment interviews a month from now. I was just getting used to dressing for warmer spring weather, and am wondering how I'll cope with it being ten degrees cooler in Cardiff, and whether there'll be any improvement in the chronic hay fever I've been suffering this past few months, once my body has only native pollens my body is accustomed to contending with.

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