Sunday, 27 April 2014

Paternal pride

A damp grey Low Sunday. We went to the Parish Eucharist at St Catherine's. The regular clergy were away and there was a retired priest on duty I didn't know. It was so good to be on the receiving end for a change, and to hear a good sermon. I always enjoy Low Sunday, whether I'm working or resting. The great intensity of the Holy Triduum is released into joyful celebration, and what follows is a calm contemplative period of realisation, absorbing living the eternal mystery. The challenge is to stay like that for the rest of Eastertide. 

Before lunch  we went to Riverside Market to get fruit, veggies and cheese for the week - Caerphilly Cheese of course, soon to have its own unique apellation controlle status label. So nice to come home to tastes as special as any good thing one can find in Spain.

The afternoon floated by, writing, uploading photos to Picasaweb and labelling them. We heard from a chirpy Rachel on Skype, delighted to hear she's getting more singing gigs and recognition over in Arizona, to the point where her songs are getting air time now on a local radio station. Kath told us when we were in Spain that her small company has got Arts Council funding to take their dance show for children on another Wriggledance Theatre national tour. That's a major professional achievement for her and her partners. She'll be working hard in the coming months, and we'll get to look after Rhiannon when they're on tour.
Owain came around in the evening and shared a bottle of wine, some olives and chorizo, and chatted about jobs he was pursuing. How he copes with the daunting experience of being short listed so often and not selected, is hard to imagine. It's fortunate his creative side is so strong. Making music and writing about the techno scene on his music and arts blog are channels in which he continues to develop his experience, skills and gifts personally. He's philosophical about his trials and tribulations, except for the occasional panic. He doesn't give up and that makes me as proud of him as his sisters.

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