Saturday, 26 April 2014

Tulips at Dyffryn

After pottering around all morning, we drove out to Dyffryn Gardens for our first visit of the Spring. The weather was overcast grey, but the spectacular brilliance of the displays of tulips wherever we went gave us plenty to lift the spirit. 
 We ended up in the tea room, as we usually do just before closing time, and were served with a smile while the staff were packing up for the day. From our window seat we has a good view of the bird table outside - a solitary robin, a pair of chaffinches amd these blue tits.
I took my Sony Alpha 55 DSLR to use instead of my more portable Sony HX50. I should have taken and used both in order to compare quality in the results. Certainly the Alpha's telephoto lens has but a quarter of the power of the HX50's built in lens, so I know I could have done better with the birdie closeup pictures with the smaller camera. I can see that in expert hands a DSLR can produce fine results, but for the average joe, I wonder if the expense, bulk and hassle of a DSLR are justified, now that pocket cameras have become so very sophisticated and useable.

It was pleasant to have a relaxed evening in front of the TV without sermon or other duties to prepare for tomorrow. My first weekend free in two months. The latest batch of pictures can be viewed here.

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