Thursday, 1 September 2016


The day I arrived, we missed the promised delivery of a reserve gas bottle by just a few minutes. another delivery attempt was supposed to happen today so I stayed in, to be sure not to miss it, rather than go for a walk. But, nobody came. Time was fully occupied however with a full morning's remote work on CBS affairs. For the moment this can on times be frustrating as my Blackberry refuses to share its internet connection with other devices when roaming, despite us having specifically requested this service. What was achievable two and a half years ago when I was in Fuengirola, is now frustratingly out of reach. But never mind, with patience there are always workarounds.

After lunch and siesta, I walked along the old Velez Road to Benagalbón, then back along the ex-railway track coast path. La Torre de Benagalbón was a settlement that took its name from its maritime watch tower, predating Rincon. The nineteenth century development of Rincon was so great that it overwhelmed La Torre and local government relocated to Rincon. Only a fifth on the population of the municipality now lives in La Torre de Benagalbón, and its coastal resort aspect is less well developed, a change noticeable at the arroyo acting as the boundary between the two. The townscape tells its own story.

On the way back to the apartment, I topped up the bus discount fare card provided, and checked the timetable. There's a coach into Malaga from the bottom of the street every 20 minutes from early till late. Now that I'm properly established here, I'm ready to start exploring Malaga on public transport and on foot.

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