Sunday, 18 September 2016

Sunday morning and a rude awakening

I slept quite well despite waking several times with discomfort from my swollen finger. After my usual breakfast at eight thirty my heart rate and blood pressure, which I've been monitoring for my GP back home, shot up, plus my nose began to stream profusely. A kind of shock reaction? Unusual for me, so I rang church warden Rosella to tell her what was happening, then headed down the main street to the Urgencias (A&E) of the local medical centre.

The duty receptionist took my details from my EHIC card, and then took me to see a nurse to explain by problem, and then to a doctor. It was quite a challenge this time explaining in Spanish, but both has a little English for cross checking purposes. I was given a shot of cortizone to tackle the swelling, or whatever, and then they proposed to remove the ring. My knuckle was far too swollen for the traditional ring removal technique, using a strong piece of thread wounds around the finger and the ring. Glad they tried however, as now I know how it's do-able. They cut off the ring with an ingenious purpose made device, and it was such a relief!

Within minutes after profuse expressions of gratitude on my part, I was on my way, then shortly after, was picked up by Rosella and taken to St George's, with enough time to prepare for worship. My vital signs seemed to have normalised, and I found I had my usual level of energy and enthusiasm for worship, except for the runny nose, which persisted for another four hours. I still have no idea what caused that reaction. But, to have survived without disrupting everyone else's Sunday was everything to me.

Doreen popped in after the service with her son, in between other errands, and we had a brief chat. Thee was time for me to upload Fridays batch of photos before Rosella drove me home.

My ring finger doesn't hurt, although It's still swollen. It feels as if I am still wearing a ring. A phantom sensation? The broken ring is in my wallet to await repair, where I would have put it in the first place, had I known how long it would take for the impact of the sting to reveal itself.

Ah well, we live and learn. Unless we die of ignorance first.

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