Saturday, 24 September 2016

Rincon relaxes

A quiet domestic sort of day today, not venturing far until early evening, when I went out for my daily paseo along the promenade. It was much busier than expected. On the beach outside the Tourist Office, a fiesta stage had been erected, and a band was setting up and doing sound tests. Backing to the Tourist Office opposite, another temporary structure house three comidas with bar, selling local specialities. Banners announced this event as the Fiesta de Boqueron Victoriana. 

It's a celebration of the anchovies harvested offshore around here and served in every eating place, cooked according to local recipes. The eponymous Boqueron Victoriana, I found when served in a restaurant menu, was crisply fried fish in a light breadcrumb coating. My preference is for boquereones pickled in and vinegar rather than cooked. The salted variety are OK as a garnish on a pizza occasionally, but are otherwise rather strong tasting.

I walked around for a while and took some photographs, before returning to the apartment. There were fireworks some time after midnight - I didn't check when, as I was in bed by then - and soon after the distant thump of amplified music gave way to silence.

The bulk of summer tourists have now departed, though not entirely, as the local surface car parks are as full as ever. I imagine this fiesta is more oriented towards local inhabitants than extranjeros. Some chirungitos on the beach have already closed and packed their tables away as demand dips. It was a pleasure to see many young families out with their children, gathering for the fiesta, socialising with friends over a beer on a warm evening. Maybe, after months of incessant hard work, this is a welcome time to relax and take a break, and enjoy being part of the host community. 

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