Saturday, 17 September 2016

Down time

I woke up in the middle of this night in discomfort. My hand had belatedly swollen, and because of my foolish impatient move, the ring is now painfully trapped on my third finger. I tried ice cubes in water, in the morning to reduce the inflammation, but with no success. After lunch I visited a nearby Farmacia and bought some cortizone cream, which reduces the irritation but not the swelling so far. I was pleased to have been able to speak correctly and clearly to the Pharmacist to explain what I wanted, and made myself understood without hesitation. One small morale booster! He told me the cream is not effective if you go out in direct sunlight, so I'm obliged to stay indoors and languish all day.

I've been going around the house with my arm in the air, as much as I can this past few hours to relieve the discomfort a little. I want to avoid having the ring cut off if possible. I still have circulation, thankfully. This could take days to sort itself out. Serves me right.

Tomorrow's sermon is written. I have yesterday's photos to look at, and I can work on them one handed, but yesterday's journey left me wanting to doze off much of the time. I'm not very patient with myself, and make a bad patient at the best of time, but somehow the day slips by, without me getting around to that siesta I thought I wanted.


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