Monday, 5 September 2016

Lying low in the shade

Today, the temperature climbed into the thirties, but fortunately the humidity was lower, making life more bearable than it has been over the past week. I lay low in the apartment for much of the day, except for a brief outing to obtain essential supplies, and an evening paseo when it was cooler. Fortunately there was lots for me to do, preparing and sending out the documents for the BCRP Board meeting in a fortnight's time, exchanging messages with family. 

Finally I got around to installing WhatsApp on my Backberry, to enable me to download a video file my niece Nicky and nephew Julian both sent me, of the speech I mate at our Golden Wedding celebration. And, there's another to come of Kath and Rachel singing their tribute song too, when I can freely download the files. This is almost impossible using the apartment wi-fi due to size restrictions, so I have to wait until I'm in the office to update many larger files.

The trial of Helen on the Archers is a tense affair, stressful to listen to, I find, slow yet compelling. I have so far resisted the temptation to find out what the commentariat has to say about the proceedings, or follow the the debate threads on Twitter. Partly because of internet restrictions, but al least that's some time I'll not be wasting on-line.

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