Friday, 28 June 2013

Back on the job

Adjusting to an hour time difference after returning from Europe is nothing compared to the adjustment of ten degrees cooler, and worse, overhanging grey skies. For a few days I wonder if I'm unwell, since the change makes me feel so different. But, at least it was dry enough to put washing outside, and the sun did put in an occasional experience during the day.

Clare and I went into town together at lunchtime. I accompanied her to the station to catch a train on her way to looking after Rhiannon one night, then attending her youth theatre group end of year performance tomorrow. I then went into the CBS office for a few hours to try and sort out problems with Ashley's computer. The sound and webcam don't work properly since his hard drive failure before Christmas, and it seems that although the requisite software was re-installed, a couple of hardware links to the mother board, running the Blu-Ray player, sound channels and webcam were either not reconnected, or came loose. Only the virtual web cam, avatar image displays, and it's a monumental irritation. So, another call to the Dell service engineer is required. I wonder how long that will take?

After work, Owain and I met up for a coffee at Pipi's, and then we walked back home together, discussing the hows and wherefores of a little digital media campaign to help boost interest in the crime monitoring functions of our CBS Business Crime Reduction Partnership. Now that we've got our own Intranet crime intelligence database up and running, and the organisation running nicely, it'll be good for all our users and citizens to raise our public profile. The last year has been one of real progress for us, and yet there still new technical challenges. 

Yesterday saw the topping out ceremony of the Admiral Insurance tower block being constructed between St David's shopping centre and Motorpoint Arena. It's taller than the St David's Centre, and the sheer mass of its metal framework will have an impact on how radio signals will propagate right across the city, and introduce reception dead spots in its immediate vicinity. Soon we'll be able to assess the impact on the RadioNet system, and figure out with our engineers what needs to be done to maintain the quality of reception at its highest. That's something we'll need to budget for that wasn't on the horizon until permission to build was received, two years ago.

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