Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Every picture tells a story

A cloudy day today, pleasantly cool. I walked down to the church shop to celebrate the Eucharist for the half a dozen people who came, drank coffee at Rosie's bar next door, then strolled home in a roundabout way for lunch. I only took one photograph all day, and that was in the evening, when I went for a walk out of town towards Maro again, with the aim of exploring the urbanizacion Oasis de Capistrano below the main road where I'd seen a bride and groom having photos taken a few days ago. The houses are just that bit larger, more up market, and set around the ridges and slopes of a valley leading down towards the sea. 

On the out of town side is the market garden with a brick aqueduct. I wanted a closer look. In fact, water still trickles along the aqueduct to feed the orchard of fruit trees below. It may be fed by a spring. There's also a stream running separately through the valley. Its vegetation and flowers make it worthy of  'Oasis' as a title. On my way uphill, completing the circuit of the peripheral access road, I was taken by an odd sight, in this tidy, well manicured landscape, and took this photograph. 

I couldn't help wondering what story lay behind this abandoned toilet roll on a road side bench in an area so well maintained that its few rubbish bins were scarcely needed.


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