Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday duties

I met up with Judith again this morning at eight thirty to drive to Almuñécar for the nine thirty Eucharist. This week, no sea mist, but bright sunshine and cool morning air. Then, we returned to Nerja in good time for the midday Eucharist, after which I was taken out to lunch by a group of congregation members in a small restaurant that served British style roast dinners, still favourite with many. I went for fresh grilled tuna with my three veg, with a home-made tomato soup to start with, a La Mancha Crianza Tempranillo to accompany it, and an excellent coffee finish. 

The wife of the proprietor, who spoke English, turned out to be Italian of Sicilian origins, whose journey of migration had her growing up in Milano before moving to Andalusia. She has a sister living in Catania, and so we talked about Taormina, and Sicilian food - an unexpected pleasure on top of the good company over lunch.

When I got back to church house there was more work to do on the service for tomorrow's funeral, as the family had agreed the details among themselves. There was still another request for a reading change to be put into place, and the email about that didn't arrive until gone eleven o'clock, not that I minded. It was all ready to print off, with time to spare.

I had meant to go down to the beach to see if there were any antics going on relating to the fiesta of Sant Juan tomorrow, but there weren't even any fireworks, so I didn't bother. Tonight, by the time the moon rose about the houses it was completely dark. It seemed to have risen two hours later than last night. It'll take me a while to figure out exactly why. This photo was the best I could do.

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