Monday, 17 June 2013

Visitor services

After yesterday's sea-mist, a return of cooler air currents and high cloud, making this a different sort of day on the Costa del Sol. I walked down into town in the morning, by way of Burriana beach, to take some pictures of the fishing boats I missed a couple of days ago when I forgot to take my camera out with me. What caught my attention was not the fishermen that hang out in the vicinity of their boats, but a couple of guys that sell scarves, sunglasses and other casual commodities to beach visitors. It seems that a few of them store their goods on one of the fishing boats, and prepare to go out selling from there.
I imagine that, like the  fishermen, they earn enough from their labours to make it worth persisting day after day. How well the many beach restaurants do also gives me food for thought in these times when holidaymakers have less disposable cash than usual.
After lunch and a siesta, I ventured out to the nearest supermarket to buy some chicken to cook for supper, late afternoon, and that was it for the day. The sunset was superbly dramatic, and gave me an opportunity to mess around with camera settings to find out what variations in picture are possible. I'm not entirely sure I know what I'm doing, but some of the sky photos are pretty.

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