Friday, 14 June 2013

Burriana beach

Late morning I strolled down into the centre of Nerja, bought some cards and stamps from a machine in the doorway of the main Post Office, and made another attempt to photograph the abundance of swallows and swifts whose shrill cries on the wing as they hunt make a background soundscape to all the chatter of visitors, whatever their native speech. Only a fraction of the fifty taken will be of any use, but it's all good learning experience.

After a quiet afternoon avoiding the heat, now it's around thirty degrees centigrade during the day, I went down the steep hill to the popular Burriana beach, one of Nerja's key tourist venues. Just ten per cent of its area, at the westernmost end is given over, not to playground, but to an area for local fishermen to leave their boats out of the water. They have a place of their own just behind the promenade at this point, and a handful of them sit outside and chat, waiting for sunset when their day's work begins in earnest.

Several restaurants on this beach make barbequeued fresh fish cooked over a wood fire their key offer. It makes the early evening atmosphere interesting to say the least. I'm not eating out, but, as ever, enjoying some experimental cooking at home. And then there's Skype conversations both work and family to round off a quiet day.

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