Thursday, 27 June 2013


I was up horribly early, to get the sheets and towels washed, and make a picnic as well as have breakfast. Then I popped down to the supermarket as soon as it opened to buy a chorizo for Owain. I was ready for my rendezvous with churchwarden Judith by ten fifteen, and drove with her to Malaga airport. I was glad to be in good time as my memory of the airport layout from two years ago was poor, and I had to wander around to find the security access gate. Although vast and efficient they aren't usefully signed from where you check in. As I didn't have bags to check in, there was nobody to point me in the right direction in the normal casual way the booking clerks tend to when handing you a boarding pass. Anyway, after a long walk and a short wait, I was in queue boarding by EasyJet flight to Bristol. 

We left early and thankfully I slept most of the way. We landed on time and I was boarding a bus into Bristol in just fifteen minutes. I had only a ten minute wait for a train, and was back in Cardiff by four fifteen, to be greeted by Ashley at the station for a brief catch up before arriving home at five. It was ten degrees cooler and the usual slate gray cloud cover was in place. Summer seems to come and goes with increasing  frequency this year, but the garden looks lovely, and there were fresh picked strawberries for a homecoming supper. In the evening, before we turned in early, Clare and I looked through the photos I'd taken. You can see them here. 

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