Sunday, 5 June 2016

Fond farewell

After this morning's Solemn Mass at St German's, I took part in the parish lunch at the hall next door. A delicious meal and a lovely occasion on which to take my leave of the congregation, where I have been helping out for the past nine months continuously. I have greatly enjoyed getting to know them and working with them to get through a time of uncertainty to the point of being ready to face the coming interregnum with confidence. A mix of clerics will be supporting them in future, as my ministry takes me elsewhere until December. I was very touched by their kind words of appreciation and generosity towards me, especially when I feel I have received so much. Just being able to lead worship and give pastoral support, without the management responsibilities and worries which fall to any incumbent cleric has been a lovely experience.

When I got home, I had a couple of hours with Owain before he left for Bristol, and then got my suitcase down from the top of the wardrobe and started packing clothes, and collecting the bits and pieces of equipment I'll need while I'm away. This time I won't take a Windows laptop, as both chaplaincies have equipment I can use. But I will take the Chromebook as this, with a smartphone, is what I now find I use most. As it's summer, it'll be easier to travel light in every respect. And, I'm now a day ahead of myself, for a change.

This evening we watched the third and final Kenneth Branagh interpretation of 'Wallander', the one which features the end of the detective's career as he struggles against early onset Alzhemer's in the face of a case that threatens his nearest and dearest. The storyline was somewhat abridged in comparison with the original Swedish version, whose portrayal of the impact of the disease on the man was, to my mind, more detailed and vivid. Branagh gave his all to the part, but the outcome disappointed.

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