Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Travel nerves

Up early, time to start tidying, extracting my things from all over the house, and packing them, also washing as much bed linen and clothes of my own. Then a walk down to the churhc shop for my
last Eucharistic celebration in Nerja, in honour of the apostles Peter and Paul. There were just half a dozen of us. Then coffee and farewells, followed by food shopping for the journey and cooking enough for today and tomorrow's lunch.

I've decided to travel into Malaga and stay in a hotel near the station overnight, if I can find one at a suitable price, or get a very early taxi in the morning to get me there quicker than the coach and allow me more of a margin for the unexpected, which I'm less in favour of. Playing safe is essential as there is only one suitable train itinerary a day to take me all the way to Costa Azahar with little effort. All I have to do is be punctual on Friday morning, and check in around 08.20.

Before I know it, Judith had arrived to take me to my last wedding blessing in Frigiliana. With lots on my mind at this stage, I was a little distracted, but in the end with a huge effort at concentration all ended well. It was sweltering hot, however, and everyone struggled a bit, especially stepping out of the cooling shade and fans in church into the direct heat of the afternoon sun shining down on the balcony entrance to San Antonio church.

Once back home, I consulted, for the first time that I remember, and installed the app on both phone and tablet. I found a reasonably priced room at Hotel Paco, a short walk from the station, with air conditioning and wi-fi, at a reasonable price. What's not to like? Now I can pick and choose an afternoon coach tomorrow and check in at tea time.

It's very hot tonight, and I'm still wondering if I've covered all the things I needed to, before I pack everything away. At lunchtime, I'd packed my alb away, and then needed to unpack it again an hour later when I realised I still needed it for the wedding blessing. Put it down to travel nerves.

Oh yes, I forgot to say that the outcome of Spain's general election on Sunday revealed little or no change in the deadlock between the centre right Partido Popular, and the coalition of others bidding for power. Nobody seems to be talking about it. I haven't heard what the turnout was either. And we may think the UK has troubles!

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