Thursday, 9 June 2016

Fruit from heaven

A cool night, but a slightly hotter day today, though still reasonably comfortable for walking into town for beer and tapas at the Biznaga bar restaurant on the Plaza El Salvador. As we arrived the sweet and gentle sounds of Latin Jazz pervaded the square. A soprano saxophonist, accompanied by an electric bassist and guitarist, and a latinoamericano percussionist were playing - just right, not too loud, perfect for a summer afternoon's delight. The group was surrounded by a circle of fifth or sixth grade school students and their teachers, evidently on an outing together. When the band stopped playing, not only did the kids applaud but gave an enthusiastic rendering of their team school or classroom cheer, complete with clapping hands and stamping feet. Sheer joy! And the musicians smiled with pleasure and applauded in return.

The Biznaga tapas menu never fails to delight, with its freshness and variety. Outside tables are usually crowded, so we sit inside where it's cool and quiet, to drink, eat and watch the comings and goings of the staff and clientele. Afterwards, Clare was on a mission to find a decent pair of cheap beach shoes, and after an hour of wandering from shop to shop, she was successful, and we could head for home and a siesta. Not that I had one, as Rachel rang on Viber, so we chatted for a good while instead.

Since we've arrived, several large lemons have fallen from next door's tree into our yard or on the outside path. These tend to burst, given their size, but if rescued quickly, they can be put to good use, cooked into jam. Three big fruit were enough to fill a pressure cooker, and by the end of the day we were blessed with a pound and a half of perfect lemon marmalade. Strange to say, there were no jars of jam here when we arrived, just pickles and chutneys, and providentially marmalade didn't even make the list of essential purchases. Now we have enough to see us through the next few weeks, better than any shop could deliver.

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