Saturday, 11 June 2016

Remote troubleshooting

Temperatures are slowly rising and it's not as cool now as when we first arrived, so our day began without haste, with sermon preparation and Sunday bulletin printing occupying the morning for me, and a swim for Clare. Then we walked down to the barrio above El Caribeo Playa for lunch at the popular Joanny's bar, followed by a siesta back at the chaplaincy house. I fell asleep in an armchair and stayed there for two hours, utterly relaxed.

Kath has been sending me messages of concern about the little laptop I gave to Rhiannon, which is no longer working properly. It reboots on its own not long after reaching the desktop, apps behave erratically. This led to me writing her several diagnostic emails, to see if my ever capable daughter could sort it out. If it's a hardware malfunction, there's little chance, but working out what's really wrong is a task that takes time and effort. I realised, corresponding with her, how difficult it is to write a clear structured email methodically covering all the essential issues. Heaven help those who do helpline work professionally, I thought.

The highlight of the evening was once more 'La Disparucion' on BBC Four. While it is a murder mystery centred on the hidden life of a dead teenager it's also a keenly observed portrayal of family life in modern France - not to dissimilar from anywhere else in Europe or beyond. Even Molina, the investigating detective with a broken marriage behind him has a stroppy, sometimes forth right 13 year old daughter, who prefers his company to that of his ex-wife, so he clearly feels the impact of the death of a 17 year old personally, and drives the case forward at the point where others want to give up. It's impressive stuff, and I'm looking forward to next week's finale. I can't afford to miss it, as digital rights management issues around iPlayer prevent us from watching it here on catch-up.

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