Sunday, 19 June 2016

Sunday surprises

On the last leg of the journey to church in Almuñécar this morning, I encountered a large group of cyclists, probably a club, out for an early ride before the roads got busy. Fortunately I was able to overtake them before reaching the narrow exit from the N340 which I need to take to descent to the Fishermen's Chapel which hosts our service. There we so many of them, however, that their presence of the highways gave rise to a certain nervousness at nine in the morning.

There were a dozen of us for the service, among them a retired URC minister who had at one time worked in north Cardiff, so we had several former colleagues in common. She now lives with her husband near Orgiva in the Sierra Alpujarra, in what sounds like a very interesting environment for spiritual and cross cultural encounter, with followers Sufism, Subud and a Buddhist monastery in their locality - a very energetic region of Spain, with a history of being a place of pilgrimage for New-Agers and Hippies as well.

There were two dozen for the Eucharist at Nerja later in the morning, and eight of us met for an after service drink afterwards. I did some writing after lunch, and then we walked up into the neighbouring Capistrano urbanización to get some exercise. Few shops if any were open during the day for us to buy some porridge oats for breakfast, since we forgot to get some yesterday, but the main village store next to the communal pool was opened and stocked just what we needed. Next weekend the Mercadona moves to Sunday opening during July and August for the sake of visitors. In the meanwhile, finding any shop open this evening was a welcome surprise.

We arrived back at the house just in time for the Archers on internet radio, then ate the curry I had prepared earlier, fielding calls from Kath and Rachel while we ate. Well, it is Fathers' day out there somewhere, I believe.

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