Monday, 13 June 2016

San Antonio heat surge

Monday morning we drove to Lidl's on the outskirts for a big grocery shop. It's usually quite busy, but this morning, the car park was almost full, store was crowded and there were long queues at the checkout, like on a bank holiday weekend Friday. 

It occurred to me that residents of nearby Frigiliana may have added greatly to the numbers of shoppers, as today is the last and greatest day of the four day fiesta parroquial of San Antonio de Padova - his feast day in fact. All the shops there would take the day off to enjoy the festivities. Newly arrived holidaymakers would indeed wonder what was going on, if it was their first visit. Word has it that a loud open air disco on the terrace of the 17th century sugar cane factory didn't finish until six in the morning. People sure know how to have a good time here. 

My goodness, what a hot day. It got up to 37C mid afternoon, keeping us indoors, then just as we were expecting it to cool down early evening a strong gusty wind picked up, an unusually hot wind, making the house uncomfortably hot until late. No chance of comfortable sleep tonight. 

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