Friday, 17 June 2016

Quiet time

I was musing over my Sunday sermon this morning, and suddenly realised that I was cutting it a bit fine to arrive in town for a wedding blessing preparation, given that usually I walk. I set out briskly, and was almost out of the urbanizacion, when I realised I'd forgotten to pick up necessary to take with me, so I had to return, and by this time collect the car keys also in order to drive in, and park beneath the Plaza de'Espagna. The traffic was slow and the car park almost full, but after driving around for a few minutes, I found a space, and made it to the Balcon Hotel just a few minutes late. It probably took me about the same time as it would have taken if I'd persevered with walking briskly, and I was no less flustered and hot when I arrived, despite the car's air conditioning. Never mind, it was a good meeting, and I was home in good time for lunch and another go at the sermon, and printing off the weekly notices.

In the evening I watched this week's episode of Danish drama 'Dicte - crime reporter' on Channel 4 with its interesting mixture of sleuthing and domestic drama, this week involving a bereaved mother stealing another mother's child. To my annoyance I can't catch up on episodes of other things I've missed since I've been away due to digital rights issues relating to on line media players. There's not much of interest to watch live at the moment, and for the moment I've net felt inclined to watch any Spanish telly, although it would help progress my language learning. So life has been rather quiet for the most part lately. It's probably what we need.

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