Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Returning to Nerja

Having packed Sunday, there were only a few final errands to perform today, not even a trip to the office. I woke up thinking about an image that has persisted with me since our visit to Durnstein, of the chapel in the churchyard, containing the collected bones of soldiers who perished at a battle in meadows near the village in 1805. In the porch of the chapel was a large crucifix, and behind the pierced right hand of Christ was a birds' nest haphazardly constructed of twigs. I wanted to write about it then, but decided to mull over it for a while. Today the impulse was there, so I set to work, as I had time to spare, and ended up with a poem, which I've posted here.

Going to bed early is never easy for us but I made it by eleven thirty, and we were up again by five. I cooked garlic mushrooms on toast, plus boiled eggs for Clare, to fortify us for the journey, and our taxi arrived at six. As we got to the end of Llanfair Road, I realised to my horrow that I'd left my Blackberry behind, so we had to double back and collect before proceeding to Custom House Street to pick up the twenty past six airport bus. We checked in early, the flight was on time and our cases were among the first off the baggage conveyer at Malaga airport. Ten minutes later we were greeted by Judith, parking in the short stay departure area, and soon on our way to Nerja. I worked out that this begins my twentieth week of locum duty here over the past five years.

We're both familiar with the house and the town, and that made settling in quite enjoyable. A walk to the Super Sol for food shopping after lunching on food left by the locum who departed early this morning. Then supper, then a twilight walk to see the crescent moon setting. I remember having fun taking photos of this when we were here three years ago, and this time didn't bother to take a camera out with me, preferring just to savour the moment, before turning in early, tired but happy to be here again.

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